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Back up Session with Vicki Randle

I had the great opportunity to work with Vicki Randle last night at Fantasy Studio in Berkeley. She was performing the back up vocals for my next release Igniting the Flame due out this October. She currently is a back up singer for Mavis Staples. I asked her if she would be okay with taking some […]

I’m at the Top (of this radio show) Haha

Mojo Alt Fridays 10PM-12PM 94.1 FM Radio 2 Skopje, Macedonia Producer & Host: Vasja Ivanovski [email protected] Playlist dated: July 28, 2017 Scott Smith The Sum Of Life Scott Smith Determination (CD The Sum Of Life) Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus Amsterdam Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus Live My Life (CD single) People Vs […]

Gondola Review (Hungarian)

A really special is the debut album by the American musician, Scott Smith. The Sum Of Life titled disk 10 shots. The authenticity of the publication, including the type that almost every number in a different musical style. The disc’s opening, the title track “The Sum of Life”, for example, a folk ballad, in which […]

Indie-Spoonful Review

Simple vocal melodies combined with engaging and intricate instrumentals, with a tinge of blues, make the perfect recipe for music you will love to remember and discover.   Read more here https://www.indie-spoonful.com/single-post/2017/04/18/Scott-Smith—Down-to-Memphis

Ung Tro Review – Down to Memphis

This ones a little honest, but hey, I’m trying to change music. 🙂 although I initially has some trouble for his song so it grows with a few genomlyssningar   Translation: Growing with more listening A femspårig EP with americana, country and some old rock in up its sleeve is what offered when Scott Smith […]

Ung Tro Review

This is a fun one!   Translation: Great charm in the best moments Starts with a great instrumental song before rocking bilå bath country smoker Eclipsing Moon kicks off the whole thing. Payday is nice boogiewoggie (how spells now?) and the stable guitar game that let Mark Knopfler in Determination is as delightful as the […]

Rootstime Review

http://rootstime.be/CD%20REVIEUW/2016/NOV1/CD74.html This is a Swedish publication   Translation On the cover of the cd “The Sum of Life”, the debut album by the Americana blues rocker Scott Smith From San Francisco, is none other than God at the wheel of a Cadillac- Convertible from 1967, something many of us also probably would like to do […]

BC Music Review

Emotion comes from the thoughtful and sometimes poignant lyrics that tell story after story. Read more here. http://blogcritics.org/music-review-scott-smith-down-to-memphis-ep/