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Steve Seskin

I volunteered at the Steve Seskin show last night. He has written songs for Tim McGraw among others. It was so inspiring, these guys are such good writer and performers. I got a chance to meet them and give them copies of my CD.  

Payday Song

Payday is one of my favorite songs. It’s like a Bakersfield roadhouse tune. I wanted write one that is a tribute working class that keep everything going. With all the struggles for employment over the last decade, I wanted to do a song that raises the energy about working again. Kind of a Law of Attraction […]

The Cota’s

I want you to meet Ralph and Holly Cota. When we came up with the idea of God driving a Cadillac for the album cover, we had to find someone with a vintage Cadillac. It took a lot of searching but a friend met Ralph at a collectors car show. Ralph had a limousine which […]

Blues Guitar Slinger

Blues Guitar Slinger is written about famous Texas blues rock guitarist Johnny Winter. The song started with the opening riff and was built around that. It was a fun song to write although I had a hard time finding information that would work for the song. I had to go off of images for some of […]

Eclipsing Moon

This is the first song that I wrote. It is about meeting my wife. It was in the summer of 1997 and we were with a group of folks watching the lunar eclipse. We met while walking back together. We lost track of each other for a year and were brought together by fate. It was […]

The Sum of Life Song

The Sum of Life is a fingerpicking song I’ve been playing for many years. I titled it that because it reminds me of the course of my life. The ups and downs, all the friends and family. Ones I’ve lost who I miss greatly. Places I have traveled thoughts and feelings. It encompasses everything. Sometimes […]

Welcome to My Debut Album – “The Sum of Life”

Dedicated to my wife Karen and our children Brendan and Zoe. It has been a life’s dream to write songs and an amazing journey. To go from writing songs at home to the manifestation of recording and seeing them come to life is so rewarding. I want to thank Cliffdale Delbridge, my guitar teacher for suggesting […]