Doing the Hand Jive

Me, Jeanette and Dan, doing hand claps for my song Rolling Home off the new album. It’s a blues shuffle tune and I came up

with idea of claps for a percussion effect. Not sure if it will work but it was a lot of fun.




KOWS Radio Interview with Scott Smith for the album “The Sum of Life”

Listen to the KOWS Radio Interview with Scott Smith for the album “The Sum of Life”.

David LaFlamme

I was very excited to have David LaFlamme from It’s a Beautiful Day play on three tracks of my album. He’s a childhood idol and I was such a high point to get his signature on my music.

David and Linda still have a full touring schedule between the U.S. and Europe. What a life he has had, being right in the middle of the 60’s music scene. It was so much fun to hear stories about Woodstock and touring with Johnny Winter, The Doors, Dr. John and everyone else.

David was super gracious and wanted only to make sure his tracks were good. I was a little weird directing him on what to play.

I didn’t realize that David was the original violinist with Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, who passed away this weekend.

David played on; The Sum of Life, Bad Dreams and The Best Gift.

He is also on a cut off the next album which his solo brings you right back to the Fillmore days.david-denver2






Nina Gerber

I want to talk about one of the artists that played on my album, which is Nina Gerber.

She is a local big name who has played with just about everybody. I first fell in love with

Her playing when she performed with Kate Wolf. Sadly, Kate passed on at a very early age

And Nina rose to fame playing with artists like: Nanci Griffith, Karla Bonoff, Dave Alvin and Chris Webster. She owns the audience when she performs with her extraordinary Craft.

Nina played on three cuts, The Sum of Life (along with David Laflamme), and smoking slide guitar

 on; Over it Soon and Messing with Reality. She will also appear on my next album with more awesome

 lead on Drop Kick it.  

 One note: on the acoustic instrumental The Sum of Life, Nina played Kate Wolf’s guitar. 





Here’s Toot’s, one of the cats at the studio.

He likes me