Consumer Reviews

“For a guy who is relatively new to songwriting, I must applaud you for your fine work. Best of luck to you Scott.”

Rick Pisano

“Really enjoying the chill sound of “The Sum Of Life” Scott. Payday great lyrics and music.”

Chris Bonam

“Bluesguitar Slinger” is cool!….impressive tracks here…nicely thought out and performed. And really liking “Eclipsing Moon”, love the organ!”

Chuck Paul 

“Scott, it was a great pleasure to listen to your playlist, awesome music!!”

Todd Apfel

“Eclipsing Moon is great!”

Rachel Hachem

“Bluesguitar Slinger” great song, as are all the rest of them…”

Billy T. Scrapper 

“Enjoyin The Sum of Life over here. Smooth, Scott. Well done.”

Salty Lizard Sanctuary

‘The Paul’s loves your stuff and wishes you good luck & all the best:)!”

Paul’s Songs of Belief

“Rockin out to “Payday”. Nice work, Scott!”

Victor Snow

“Love your sound!!”

Yolanda Foxx 

“Awesome tracks”

Bonde Sem Freio