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Scott Smith – Sum Of Life

Scott Smith’s music is understated but self assured, with a slight Celtic lilt to be found in the use of acoustic guitar and violin on the opening instrumental that sets the tone for the album in a thoughtful way.

Scott Smith - Sum of LifeOnce ‘Eclipsing Moon’ kicks in, we are hurtled into a fast moving smoky rock track that pulls in some blues and laces it with psychedelia – check out that swirling organ. ‘Blues Guitar Slinger’ maintains the momentum, with a call and answer trick on the chorus between the vocal line and the lead guitar response, while ‘Payday’ goes a little more old school with some honky tonk piano and slacker vocals that slur their way through the track, making for some fun kick-back-and-relax listening. One of the key areas that really shine on the album are the sizzling backing vocals, sassy and powerful, at times evoking Clare Torry’s spectacular performance on Pink Floyd’s ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’.

While Scott Smith might not be breaking any new ground with Sum Of Life, it remains an album that is one hundred percent true to itself without being awkward. Throughout the album there is the sense of someone who has really applied themselves to get what is in their head out and into musical form, which so many will know is no mean feat.