Back On the Radio!

My Song “Rolling Home” is playing in rotation on Check it out! Here is the press release. You can scroll to the bottom and click Share. Thank you for helping to get my music out to the world!

I played an Open Mic at Hop Monk last night. What a kick ! People really cut loose down there. Total good time!

Making much progress on my new album, “Small Town USA” It should be out in a few month.

Radio Rock Charts

Hey All, I made it onto the Rock Charts with my song ” Igniting the Flame” !  

Live Online Performances

I will soon be starting performances on FB, YouTube and Instagram Live. If you want to check it out, like my page when visiting so you can be notified! Best, Scott Smith    

Spotify Playlist

Here is a playlist of my songs!

Radio Stations Playing “I Will Love You”

I want to thank the radio stations playing my new song ” I Will Love You” and Spinning Round” Lonely Oak Radio – Europe 88.7 Spirit FM – – Canada Saratoga Local Radio WSLR 96.5 FM – USA ECMA Radio – Austria SevernFM –  – UK 4ddd Community Radio – www.radioddd.comau – Queensland […]

Scott Smith Single – I Will Love You | Review GASHOUSE RADIO

With an easy going strum of a set of barley-blowing, golden strings, Scott Smith eases us into his new acoustic love song “I Will Love You,” a carefree slice of heaven hot off of his new summer release Igniting the Flame. Dedicated to his wife, Smith joyously illustrates a heart-warming picture of his affections and devotion to […]

Scott Smith Single Review | Beat Magazine

There’s more to this band than just Smith. He is the singer/songwriter genius behind the music and lyrics, but he has an excellent band giving his music that full sound. Some of the amazing talent that he works with include classical and rock violinist David LaFlamme, backup singer Vickie Randall, keyboardist Spencer Burrough, saxophonist Paul […]

My Wife’s Father Day Gift

If you were wondering if my Wife, Karen is awesome. Let me submit Exibit A. She made this collage of my guitar with all the song titles and lyric lines that have meaning to her. I had no idea and it really touched me deeply. She said reading the lyrics in black and white added […]

Scott Smith – Single – I Will Love You Review | NoDepression

Californian singer/songwriter Scott Smith is proving that good old fashioned Americana is alive and well in 2018 with his new single “I Will Love You,” an epic sampling from his forthcoming extended play Igniting The Flame. Keeping in stride with his previous output, Smith doesn’t try to weigh down this new track with unnecessary frills […]

Scott Smith Single – I Will Love You | Review GASHOUSE RADIO

With an easy going strum of a set of barley-blowing, golden strings, Scott Smith eases us into his new acoustic love song “I Will Love You,” a carefree slice of heaven hot off of his new summer release Igniting the Flame. Dedicated to his wife, Smith joyously illustrates a heart-warming picture of his affections and […]

Scott Smith | I Will Love You Review IndiePulse Music Magazine



Shock Ya! Scott Smith Band’s I Will Love You EP Review

Naturally driving emotions to the extreme is one of the most important ways that musicians can capture an audience’s attention. Bay Area Americana-country singer-songwriter, Scott Smith, and his folk-driven Scott Smith Band, are once again rekindling passion within their listeners with their new two-track rock EP, ‘I Will Love You.’ The title single and its […]

Fantasy Studio

This is where I have made my last 2 releases. It has been fun and amazing to realize who has walked through this door. John Foggerty, Carlos Santana, Green Day, Journey, The Grateful Dead. This is where the magic happens.

Indie Music Magazine Review

Scott Smith -Igniting the Flame (EP)

Beat Media Review

Article coming soon!

Side Stage Magazine Review

Article coming soon!

Indie-Music 2

10 Questions Indie Music Interview

Scott Smith is an Americana Rock artist out of California. Scott has a passion for powerful music that lifts your spirits and gets you moving. Inspired by the early origins of American music, Scott takes an Americana sound and adds elements of blues rock to create something fresh. His most recent project ‘Igniting the Flame’ […]

Scott Smith Is Igniting The Flame of Fun, Jammin’ Folk Rockin’ Blues On New Album

Scott Smith has delivered an Americana, folky, blues-rockin’ great time on his new album Igniting The Flame. The opening Drop Kick It introduces us to Scott’s aurally stimulating barrage of sweet guitars, swingin’ horns, foot stompin’ rhythms and a story about letting go of that bad day you just experienced. Igniting The Flames blasts off […]

Skope Magazine Review for Igniting the Flame

Scott Smith delivers a blistering, bluesy take on the classic rock sound with the surefire “Igniting The Flame”. Neatly drawing from folk, country, all anchored within a careful singer-songwriter tradition the pieces linger in the mind. Riffs roll across the luxurious hyperactive pieces. Tempos rush through with a truly muscular presence. By far though the […]

Fantasy Studio Pictures

Having a great time down at Fantasy Studio’s These are picture’s of Julie Wolf (my producer) Alberto Hernandez (the engineer) and Vicki Randle ( the backup singer). Too much fun!    

Back up Session with Vicki Randle

I had the great opportunity to work with Vicki Randle last night at Fantasy Studio in Berkeley. She was performing the back up vocals for my next release Igniting the Flame due out this October. She currently is a back up singer for Mavis Staples. I asked her if she would be okay with taking some […]

I’m at the Top (of this radio show) Haha

Mojo Alt Fridays 10PM-12PM 94.1 FM Radio 2 Skopje, Macedonia Producer & Host: Vasja Ivanovski Playlist dated: July 28, 2017 Scott Smith The Sum Of Life Scott Smith Determination (CD The Sum Of Life) Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus Amsterdam Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus Live My Life (CD single) People Vs […]


KOWS Interview with Scott Smith

KOWS Interview with Scott Smith (Part 1) KOWS Interview with Scott Smith (Part 2) SONG: Payday “Live Acoustic” SONG: Eclipsing Moon “Live Acoustic”

Gondola Review (Hungarian)

A really special is the debut album by the American musician, Scott Smith. The Sum Of Life titled disk 10 shots. The authenticity of the publication, including the type that almost every number in a different musical style. The disc’s opening, the title track “The Sum of Life”, for example, a folk ballad, in which […]

Album of the Week on Blues and Roots Radio

Hey, I’m the album of the week on Blues and Roots Radio. Yeah!

Indie-Spoonful Review

Simple vocal melodies combined with engaging and intricate instrumentals, with a tinge of blues, make the perfect recipe for music you will love to remember and discover.   Read more here—Down-to-Memphis

Ung Tro Review – Down to Memphis

This ones a little honest, but hey, I’m trying to change music. 🙂 although I initially has some trouble for his song so it grows with a few genomlyssningar   Translation: Growing with more listening A femspårig EP with americana, country and some old rock in up its sleeve is what offered when Scott Smith […]

Ung Tro Review

This is a fun one!   Translation: Great charm in the best moments Starts with a great instrumental song before rocking bilå bath country smoker Eclipsing Moon kicks off the whole thing. Payday is nice boogiewoggie (how spells now?) and the stable guitar game that let Mark Knopfler in Determination is as delightful as the […]

Rootstime Review This is a Swedish publication   Translation On the cover of the cd “The Sum of Life”, the debut album by the Americana blues rocker Scott Smith From San Francisco, is none other than God at the wheel of a Cadillac- Convertible from 1967, something many of us also probably would like to do […]

BC Music Review

Emotion comes from the thoughtful and sometimes poignant lyrics that tell story after story. Read more here.  

Indie Music Review

  Indie Music Indie Music for the Unaffiliated   Scott Smith takes us on a musical road trip through his vinyl collection and pays his respects to those who made him want to pick up a guitar to begin with.

JP’s Blog Down to Memphis EP

Singer/songwriter Scott Smith returns with his new album titled “Down To Memphis.” It features five tracks that help solidify Scott’s status as one of country music’s fasting rising stars.  

The Miews Review – Down to Memphis

Down To Memphis, a 5-song EP that is sure to put Smith on a collision course with independent music success. Similar to a Johnny Cash or Elvis, Scott… Read more here    

NEUFUTUR Review Down to Memphis :    

Skope Magazine Review – Down to Memphis  

Vents Magazine

INTERVIEW: Scott Smith

A Weekend with Kenny White

I had the great opportunity of hanging and going to the shows of Kenny White Last weekend. He is a renowned singer songwriter from New York who writes some great songs! He has worked with many big name like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Peter Wolf, David Crosby and Dr. John to name a few. His […]

My First Video on YouTube

Hot of the press: Here is my first video for the title song off of my debut album “The Sum of Life”

Nina Gerber Laying it Down

Here is a picture of Nina from a session she performed on my album a few weeks ago. She is playing on the opening track Down to Memphis. I feel so lucky to have her on my tracks.  

CrossRadar Review

acoustic / folk / rock   Scott Smith – Sum Of Life by Chris Marsh · Sep 22, 2016 Scott Smith’s music is understated but self assured, with a slight Celtic lilt to be found in the use of acoustic guitar and violin on the opening instrumental that sets the tone for the album in […]

Matheson’s Entertainment Review

0 Bay Area based singer/songwriter Scott Smith creates music that consists of many different genres of music. Country, Blues and other styles all blend together to form Smith’s version of Americana. In order to help Scott Smith bring his musical vision to life, he called upon several talented people. Among them are: pianist Mitch Woods; drummer Vic […]

BC Blogcritics Review

Blogcritics The critical lens on today’s culture & entertainment   Go to…  Home  TV     – Reviews & Recaps     – Interviews     – Weekly TV Coverage     –    – Gleekonomics     –    – Jeroming the TV Landscape     –    – The Gallifreyan Groupie     –    – Once Upon a Time…There […]

Radio Airplay

Truly a labor of love, here I am filling over 200 envelopes with my CD going out to radio stations. Mostly in the US and some in Canada and Europe.   Here is the list of artists I am included with on the radio ad campaign.         

Musicemissions Album Review

* Click Here to Read Full Review It makes for a strong homage to classic rock ‘n’ roll. Smith fits in snugly wrapped in the trappings of the great sounds of the music’s past. His vocals call to mind Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan among others. The music can take a bluesy sound, a  country flavor […]

Vents Magazine Interview

Hi Scott, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? Hi Rafa, I have been staying busy, promoting my album and recording. Can you talk to us more about your latest single “The Sum Of Life”? I have been playing this long before I started writing songs with lyrics. It’s kind of like a fiddle tune […]

IndieMinded Album Review

The Sum Of Life by Scott Smith. * CLICK HERE TO READ FULL REVIEW Growing up in the Bay Area, California singer-songwriter Scott Smith was constantly exposed to music and artistic souls. “There was so much happening musically living in the Bay Area at that time. It was very alive.” So when Smith decided to get serious […]

Consumer Reviews

“For a guy who is relatively new to songwriting, I must applaud you for your fine work. Best of luck to you Scott.” Rick Pisano “Really enjoying the chill sound of “The Sum Of Life” Scott. Payday great lyrics and music.” Chris Bonam “Bluesguitar Slinger” is cool!….impressive tracks here…nicely thought out and performed. And really liking […]


I just came back from an extended weekend in L.A. where I attended the 2016 ASCAP EXPO. I was pretty incredible! Some of the music artists there were Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo, Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20, Timbaland, Paul Williams (who I road in the elevator with), Melissa Etheridge, Desmond Child (who […]

Review From JP’s Music Blog

 Finally from the Bay Area comes the debut album, “The Sum Of Life” from singer/songwriter Scott Smith. Smith invited some legendary musicians to help him accomplish his goal of producing a timeless album. Beginning with the title-song, “The Sum Of Life” is a gentle, acoustic instrumental that invites you in to experience the full range […]

Giovanna performs Beautiful Tracks

        Giovanna Imbesi was up a few weeks ago to work on the new album of “The Joy of Cooking” and we were able to have her perform on a few songs for my album. She played on many of the song on my first album and it great to work with her again. It’s […]

Mr. Spencer Burrows

We had the pleasure of working Spencer Burrows, from the band Frobeck, this last weekend. Spencer laid down tracks on 4 songs playing his Hammond organ. We started at 7am, not a typical time for musicians, none of us had more than a few hours sleep. Spencer sure woke us up. This was some of the […]

Doing the Hand Jive

Me, Jeanette and Dan, doing hand claps for my song Rolling Home off the new album. It’s a blues shuffle tune and I came up with idea of claps for a percussion effect. Not sure if it will work but it was a lot of fun.    

Hanging with the Dawg

This is from David Grisman’s CD release party last night at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. It was a great show, with a guest appearance from Mike Marshall for the encores. David considers his new album (David Grisman Sextet) to be some of his finest work. It was recorded and mastered here in Sebastopol at […]

Dan (Dr. Drums Ransford) laying Down Tracks @ Studio E

Here are pictures of my friend Dan Ransford performing overdubs on my new album. Dan is a real craftsman.  

Skope Entertainment review

Scott Smith’s “Sum of Life” is folk rock at its finest. Throughout “Sum of Life” Scott Smith weaves in a little tenderness, helping to give these songs a certain charm. His earnest, forthright vocal delivery serves as the album’s core. Lyrically the songs have a sense of reassurance that helps guide them forward. By letting […]

Rockwired Radio Interview

Hey, Here is a interview I did last night on Rockwire Radio. It is an internet station out of Albuquerque New Mexico. Thanks RockWired, Good Job!    

The Sum of Life Album Review

Click here: Scott Smith Sum of Life CD Review – NeuFutur Magazine   Bad Dreams slows things up and showcases a unique sound that will resound loudly with listeners long after the composition has ceased to play. Never one to rest on his laurels, Scott Smith has the ability to unite these disparate styles to […]

KRCB Radio

Hey, I’m on KRCB radio tomorrow 2/24/16 @noon On Doug Jaynes show. Talking and playing stuff off the new album along with Jeff Martin from Studio E and John Knudsen who has a new album out too. John’s album feature David Grisman. You can listen to it online @  

KOWS Radio Interview with Scott Smith for the album “The Sum of Life”

Listen to the KOWS Radio Interview with Scott Smith for the album “The Sum of Life”.

David LaFlamme

I was very excited to have David LaFlamme from It’s a Beautiful Day play on three tracks of my album. He’s a childhood idol and I was such a high point to get his signature on my music. David and Linda still have a full touring schedule between the U.S. and Europe. What a life he […]

Nina Gerber

I want to talk about one of the artists that played on my album, which is Nina Gerber. She is a local big name who has played with just about everybody. I first fell in love with Her playing when she performed with Kate Wolf. Sadly, Kate passed on at a very early age And […]


Here’s Toot’s, one of the cats at the studio. He likes me        

Steve Seskin

I volunteered at the Steve Seskin show last night. He has written songs for Tim McGraw among others. It was so inspiring, these guys are such good writer and performers. I got a chance to meet them and give them copies of my CD.  

Payday Song

Payday is one of my favorite songs. It’s like a Bakersfield roadhouse tune. I wanted write one that is a tribute working class that keep everything going. With all the struggles for employment over the last decade, I wanted to do a song that raises the energy about working again. Kind of a Law of Attraction […]

CD Picture and Cover

I want to share some pictures of the CD. I designed it to look like an old 45.    

Number One!

  I reached number one on Reverbnation!

The Cota’s

I want you to meet Ralph and Holly Cota. When we came up with the idea of God driving a Cadillac for the album cover, we had to find someone with a vintage Cadillac. It took a lot of searching but a friend met Ralph at a collectors car show. Ralph had a limousine which […]

Blues Guitar Slinger

Blues Guitar Slinger is written about famous Texas blues rock guitarist Johnny Winter. The song started with the opening riff and was built around that. It was a fun song to write although I had a hard time finding information that would work for the song. I had to go off of images for some of […]

Eclipsing Moon

This is the first song that I wrote. It is about meeting my wife. It was in the summer of 1997 and we were with a group of folks watching the lunar eclipse. We met while walking back together. We lost track of each other for a year and were brought together by fate. It was […]

The Sum of Life Song

The Sum of Life is a fingerpicking song I’ve been playing for many years. I titled it that because it reminds me of the course of my life. The ups and downs, all the friends and family. Ones I’ve lost who I miss greatly. Places I have traveled thoughts and feelings. It encompasses everything. Sometimes […]

Welcome to My Debut Album – “The Sum of Life”

Dedicated to my wife Karen and our children Brendan and Zoe. It has been a life’s dream to write songs and an amazing journey. To go from writing songs at home to the manifestation of recording and seeing them come to life is so rewarding. I want to thank Cliffdale Delbridge, my guitar teacher for suggesting […]