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There’s more to this band than just Smith. He is the singer/songwriter genius behind the music and lyrics, but he has an excellent band giving his music that full sound. Some of the amazing talent that he works with include classical and rock violinist David LaFlamme, backup singer Vickie Randall, keyboardist Spencer Burrough, saxophonist Paul Branin, and trombonist and horn arranger Mike Rinta.

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Scott Smith Single – I Will Love You | Review GASHOUSE RADIO

With an easy going strum of a set of barley-blowing, golden strings, Scott Smith eases us into his new acoustic love song “I Will Love You,” a carefree slice of heaven hot off of his new summer release Igniting the Flame. Dedicated to his wife, Smith joyously illustrates a heart-warming picture of his affections and devotion to the woman he’s spending his life with, and along the way gives us some incredible melodies to swing to. Anyone who’s ever truly been in love can relate to the playful, rollicking nature of “I Will Love You,” the beat not dissimilar from the sweet pitter patter that all of us feel when we meet someone special to our hearts.

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Scott Smith | I Will Love You Review IndiePulse Music Magazine


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Shock Ya! Scott Smith Band’s I Will Love You EP Review

Naturally driving emotions to the extreme is one of the most important ways that musicians can capture an audience’s attention. Bay Area Americana-country singer-songwriter, Scott Smith, and his folk-driven Scott Smith Band, are once again rekindling passion within their listeners with their new two-track rock EP, ‘I Will Love You.’

The title single and its B side song, which are set to be released on Friday, are the powerful follow-up to the group’s EP, ‘Igniting the Flame,’ which was released to critical acclaim last year. The band’s latest tunes pay a beautiful homage to the all-important significance that love has on all aspects of life.

The ‘I Will Love You’ EP begins with its stunningly emotional and memorable title single that’s driven by a lively acoustic guitar and banjo. The EP’s first entry is the perfect homage to Smith’s wife, Karen. The song, which feature the dazzling harmony backup vocals of Vickie Randall, features the two singers crooning their declarations of love all day long. With the duo also lovingly expressing that they will always hold each other in their hearts, the single offers hope that there still is genuine devotion in the world.

The EP’s title single then transitions into its B side track, ‘Spinning Around.’ The enthralling pop-rock track also features Randall on backup vocals, and was inspired by the landscape that surrounds Smith’s home in Sebastopol, California. As the singer-songwriter sentimentally embraces his environment, he begins to truly cherish life, especially as he takes a trip down memory lane.

Instinctively driving emotions to the extreme is one of the most powerful ways that musicians can capture an audience’s attention. Smith and his band are once again rekindling passion within their listeners with their ‘I Will Love You’ EP. The title single and its B side tune pay a beautiful homage to the importance that love has on all aspects of life.

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10 Questions Indie Music Interview

Igniting the Flame

Scott Smith is an Americana Rock artist out of California. Scott has a passion for powerful music that lifts your spirits and gets you moving. Inspired by the early origins of American music, Scott takes an Americana sound and adds elements of blues rock to create something fresh. His most recent project ‘Igniting the Flame’ is a stand-out example of his passionate work.


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Scott Smith Is Igniting The Flame of Fun, Jammin’ Folk Rockin’ Blues On New Album

Scott Smith has delivered an Americana, folky, blues-rockin’ great time on his new album Igniting The Flame.
The opening Drop Kick It introduces us to Scott’s aurally stimulating barrage of sweet guitars, swingin’ horns, foot stompin’ rhythms and a story about letting go of that bad day you just experienced.
Igniting The Flames blasts off with distorted guitars, an upbeat rhythm, gritty but soulful background vocals and enough jam to keep your body rockin’ nonstop. When that fiddle kicks in for the solo, buckle up!
It’s obvious by now Scott Smith has arrived to infect our bodies with upbeat music despite any and all downers that might be attached to his lyrical substance.

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Indie-Spoonful Review

Simple vocal melodies combined with engaging and intricate instrumentals, with a tinge of blues, make the perfect recipe for music you will love to remember and discover.


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JP’s Blog Down to Memphis EP

Singer/songwriter Scott Smith returns with his new album titled “Down To Memphis.” It features five tracks that help solidify Scott’s status as one of country music’s fasting rising stars.


Nina Gerber Laying it Down

Here is a picture of Nina from a session she performed on my album a few weeks ago.

She is playing on the opening track Down to Memphis. I feel so lucky to have her on my tracks.