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Back up Session with Vicki Randle

I had the great opportunity to work with Vicki Randle last night at Fantasy Studio in Berkeley.

She was performing the back up vocals for my next release Igniting the Flame due out this October.

She currently is a back up singer for Mavis Staples. I asked her if she would be okay with taking some footage

while she performed and she said sure. While taking the pictures I checked with her to make sure it

wouldn’t be to distracting, she said ” heck no, I was on TV for 18 years”. I said oh ya what show?

She said the Tonight Show. I thought whoa!  I remembered you, they would feature you from time to

time. So I looked into her more and found this video of her performing a duet with George Benson on

the last show with Tom Snyder way back. Needless to say, she did an amazing job on back ups.

This was my Twenty Feet from Stardom moment. Although she is a star.

Thanks Vicki!



I’m at the Top (of this radio show) Haha

Mojo Alt Fridays 10PM-12PM
94.1 FM Radio 2
Skopje, Macedonia

Producer & Host: Vasja Ivanovski

Playlist dated: July 28, 2017

Scott Smith The Sum Of Life
Scott Smith Determination
(CD The Sum Of Life)
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus Amsterdam
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus Live My Life
(CD single)
People Vs Larsen One More Time
People Vs Larsen Loving Losing
(CD Loving Losing)
Como Brothers Magic
(CD single)
Jardier Autumn In July
Jardier Dust Of Time
(CD Jardier – Comrad Film CMD CD 002)
Bobbo Byrnes To The Door
Bobbo Byrnes No Expectations
(CD Motel Americana)
Retrospective For Love The Picture You Show Me
Retrospective For Love Sweet Little Face
(CD Random Activities Of A Heart)
Steve McNaughton One Of Those Nights
Steve McNaughton Cross Country
(CD Eagles Aloft – SM13001)
The Uprising Isle Of Saints
The Uprising That’s The Way Of The World
(CD Isle Of Saints)
Jon Strider Loves Me To Life
Jon Strider Turn To You
(CD Soul Reunion – New Sky Records NS-1033)
Cookin’ On 3 Burners Real Life Baby
Cookin’ On 3 Burners Lone Wolfe
(CD Lab Experiments Vol.1)


Indie-Spoonful Review

Simple vocal melodies combined with engaging and intricate instrumentals, with a tinge of blues, make the perfect recipe for music you will love to remember and discover.


Read more hereScott Smith—Down-to-Memphis

Ung Tro Review – Down to Memphis

This ones a little honest, but hey, I’m trying to change music. 🙂

although I initially has some trouble for his song so it grows with a few genomlyssningar



Growing with more listening

A femspårig EP with americana, country and some old rock in up its sleeve is what offered when Scott Smith is making yet another sign of life. Overall, it’s pretty good, feels a little Johnny Cash in his best moments, and although I initially has some trouble for his song so it grows with a few genomlyssningar and I appreciate his wayward and expressive voice. Good lyrics and especially leading Down To Memphis and the gently swinging the Hour Glass is nice songs.


Ung Tro Review

This is a fun one!



Great charm in the best moments

Starts with a great instrumental song before rocking bilå bath country smoker Eclipsing Moon kicks off the whole thing. Payday is nice boogiewoggie (how spells now?) and the stable guitar game that let Mark Knopfler in Determination is as delightful as the lovely piano-driven The World Is Strange. The toughest of them all is Messing With Reality where it played dirty, Scott sings with the greatest charm and it also are treated to a little whistle. Good so. Scott sings with the greatest charm and it also are treated to a little whistle. Good so.

JP’s Blog Down to Memphis EP

Singer/songwriter Scott Smith returns with his new album titled “Down To Memphis.” It features five tracks that help solidify Scott’s status as one of country music’s fasting rising stars.


Nina Gerber Laying it Down

Here is a picture of Nina from a session she performed on my album a few weeks ago.

She is playing on the opening track Down to Memphis. I feel so lucky to have her on my tracks.