Rockwired Radio Interview

Hey, Here is a interview I did last night on Rockwire Radio. It is an internet station out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

Thanks RockWired, Good Job!



The Sum of Life Album Review

Click here: Scott Smith Sum of Life CD Review – NeuFutur Magazine


Bad Dreams slows things up and showcases a unique sound that will resound loudly with listeners long after the composition has ceased to play. Never one to rest on his laurels, Scott Smith has the ability to unite these disparate styles to create something that is decidedly greater than the sum of its constituent elements.

The Best Gift is one of the best tracks on Sum of Life, due primarily to the slower tempo that is present. By having a more deliberate sound cultivated here, there is a certain gravitas that rings true from the beginning to the end.  Turn Out The Lights is a track that shatters the conception that late-album efforts are necessarily weaker than the initial cuts; the melodies that are hammered home here are assertive, showcasing a performer that is more than willing to change things up and create something special.

Sum of Life concludes with Messing With Reality, an effort that does a tremendous job in tying together the distinct sounds that listeners will experience over the course of Sum of Life. Scott Smith lays everything out for listeners on this release, and the open-book approach works well for him; this is clear, concise, and extremely immersive.

Top Tracks: Turn Out The Light, Blues Guitar Slinger

Rating: 8.1/10

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Here’s Toot’s, one of the cats at the studio.

He likes me






Steve Seskin

I volunteered at the Steve Seskin show last night. He has written songs for Tim McGraw among others. It was so inspiring, these guys are such good writer and performers. I got a chance to meet them and give them copies of my CD.


Payday Song

Payday is one of my favorite songs. It’s like a Bakersfield roadhouse tune.

I wanted write one that is a tribute working class that keep everything going.

With all the struggles for employment over the last decade, I wanted to do a song that

raises the energy about working again. Kind of a Law of Attraction thing.

It was partially inspired by Ed Shultz the radio host and anchor on MSNBC.

He has been down in the trenches fighting for unions and the middle class

Arizona Advocacy Network

The Sum of Life Song

The Sum of Life is a fingerpicking song I’ve been playing for many years. I titled it that because it reminds me of the course of my life. The ups and downs, all the friends and family. Ones I’ve lost who I miss greatly. Places I have traveled thoughts and feelings. It encompasses everything. Sometimes listening to it tears me up.